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Step into the world of Radha Krishna Bricks Industry, where craftsmanship meets innovation to redefine the landscape of quality construction materials. With a rich legacy spanning over years, we stand as pioneers in the art of crafting bricks, clay jali, pavers, claddings, and more. Our state-of-the-art facility is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional techniques and modern technology, ensuring each product reflects not just durability but timeless elegance.

At Radha Krishna Bricks Industry, we don't just create; we steward. Beyond our commitment to delivering exceptional products, we prioritize sustainability. Our eco-conscious practices, including , underscore our dedication to building a greener, more responsible future. Explore our diverse catalogue, where every brick and cladding is a story of meticulous craftsmanship. Join us in shaping landscapes that stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Radha Krishna Bricks Industry, where quality, innovation, and sustainability converge.


Several of our recent projects are elevating skylines and redefining the essence of sustainable facades. As manufacturers of exposed bricks, we take pride in contributing to architectural landscapes that not only stand out but also embody sustainability at its core.


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  • How Do I Order My Bricks?
    You can buy directly from us. Our experienced and helpful Customer services team can help answer your ordering queries. They can Be reached at [email protected] or you can contact on +91 98255 48755/+91 98250 48755.
  • Do You Deliver To The Sites Directly?
    Yes we deliver to the sites directly however in case of Very small quantities we offer the goods ex. Factory (godhra) also.
  • How Many Bricks Can I Order?
    No order is too small! Simply inform us your requirement, And we will make it happen.
  • How Are The Products Delivered To Me?
    Products are packed in pallets, wooden crates or boxes Depending of the quantity and the logistics feasibility to deliver to Your place.
  • How Can I Make Payment?
    You can transfer/deposit the payment in our bank account.
  • Can I Order Custom-designed Cladding For My Project?
    Yes you can, but it depends on various factors. Please do Send your details by email or call us to discuss the same.
  • What Is The Lead Time For Brick Delivery ?
    It is mostly 1-2 weeks however it may vary as it depends On the availability of the product . Though our quotations carry Delivery timeline too.
  • What Types Of Bricks Do You Manufacture?
    We manufacture handmade and extruded bricks clay bricks, Claddings, pavers and screens (jalis). We have over 150 types of Variants into our product basket.
  • Can I See Samples Of Your Materials?
    Yes you can. Please do send us the project details and Variant's selection along with full address with contact details to send You the samples.
  • Do You Offer Eco-friendly Pavers?
    All our products are 100% eco friendly and made by "Natural clay".
  • What Is The Durability Of Products?
    Clay brick stands the test of time, providing generations With healthy, hygienic & breathable living spaces that are natural and Sustainable.
  • Are Your Clay Pavers Suitable For Driveway Installations?
    Yes they are! However select the thickness of the pavers Considering your application.
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