Proud to be at RKBI

At RKBI, we believe in fostering a work environment that values innovation, creativity, and teamwork. We are proud of our dedicated and passionate team that has been instrumental in our success. Join us on our journey to create enduring structures and be part of a company that truly cares about its employees.


1. Work Culture

We take pride in our inclusive and collaborative work culture. At RKBI, you'll find a supportive and empowering environment where your ideas are valued, and your contributions make a real impact. Our commitment to teamwork and a positive work atmosphere ensures that you can thrive in your career.

2. Recognition

We recognize and reward excellence. When you're part of the RKBI family, your hard work and dedication don't go unnoticed. We have a culture of appreciating and acknowledging the contributions of our team members.

3. Being Updated with Architectural Trends & Involvement in Architectural Fraternity

In the dynamic world of construction and architecture, staying updated is crucial. At RKBI, you'll have the opportunity to work on projects that challenge your skills and keep you at the forefront of architectural trends. You'll be part of a team that is constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

We encourage our employees to actively engage with the architectural community. You can participate in industry events, conferences, and seminars, and build valuable connections with architects, builders, and designers. This involvement not only enhances your knowledge but also opens doors to new opportunities.

5. Celebrating Festivities

We value the importance of celebrating festivals and special occasions. Join us in our festivities and cultural celebrations that make the workplace a joyful and vibrant space. We believe in creating a work-life balance that ensures you can enjoy both your professional and personal life.

Your career at RKBI is more than just a job; it's an opportunity to be part of a dynamic, forward-thinking team that is committed to making a difference in the world of exposed bricks manufacturing and construction. Come, be a part of our journey and contribute to building structures that stand the test of time and inspire awe for generations to come.

Proud to be at RKBI

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Business Development Manager

Join us as a Business Development Manager and drive business growth while building and maintaining client relationships in the construction industry. You'll lead the expansion of our market presence and product offerings.

HR Manager

As an HR Manager, you'll lead HR initiatives to foster a positive work culture and employee development. Your role involves ensuring compliance with labor laws and creating a harmonious workplace.

Plant Operator

Join us as a Plant Operator, where you'll operate and maintain manufacturing equipment for brick production, playing a critical role in ensuring quality and efficiency.

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